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28th September

28th September There is a national holiday at 28th September, but we are open for you! Come and make the holiday special with a jacket from Pu55ycat or stockings from muhehe! And because it’s a saint Wenceslas day, find out, if you don’t know anyone with this name! You can get a present for him too :) ..více

Like a local

Like a local We have something new in our shop window :) We are proud to be part of the Like a Local City Guide! Like A Local Guide helps travellers find cool and cosy spots where locals like to spend their time. Tips are added by real locals who live and love their cities. It helps travellers ..více

Back to school

Back to school Summer holidays are almost over! For those, who goes in September to school, or need to make some exams, we have bags from Popular and Kikibike! With them the return to school will be easier and more joyful!

Jarmilkas are here!

Jarmilkas are here! All black jarmilkas (classical czech made shoes) are a classic you’ll never get tire of. And that is exactly the reason, why are they always so fast sold out. They are awesome for picnics in park or for a evening walks by the river! Try them!
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