My Square

All the buttons ain’t the same! My Square buttons can even shine! My Square brand started with a custom-made production of buttons or badges, no matter how you call it, for various clubs and galleries. Understandably, a desire to create an original collection of buttons followed. They did not hesitate – they bought their own badge ..více

JARA design

The main focus of studio JARA design is jewellery Preserving their proportions, we connect basic geometric forms. The important element is colour and shape detail. Working with materials of various colours and characteristics, we create new mechanic joints. Our jewellery can be based on individual wish of a customer, but we also design collections based ..více


Bulbul cannot fly much, it rather sits on bodies and fits them … It comes from South Moravia, and from there, it discovers the world … photo: BULBUL


MA.JA Markéta Janků Original jewellery made in limited collections. The beauty of simplicity. Playful variability. Shining colourfulness. Mild eccentricity. Simple timelessness.


TikŤakJinak, the world full of fantasy and dreams! Steampunk, recycling, DIY.  

design empathy

Design empathy creates jewellery and accessories with original themes made of crystal resin and other interesting pieces perfect for weddings as well as daily wearing.   photo, source: design empathy  


We would like to present us to you. We are made of glass, wood, of various sizes, joyfully colourful, brightly lacquered and originally pulled on a band. KO-RA-LE. We are here, so that we could make your necks look beautiful, make your eyes brighten and withdraw the breath of all the people, who will look ..více

Tomáš Holub

My world is based on creative activity in the area of original aluminium jewellery, product, graphic and mainly interior design, activity somewhere on the edge of design and art. With my work I would like to contribute to improve general taste, to upgrade right brain hemispheres. To show the path out of the tight tradition and ..více

Jelly Fish

The brand Jelly-fish is formed by two friends, Eva and Martina, who met at Tertiary Graphic School in Prague a few years ago.  Eva creates mainly jewellery and with Martina they design and create buttons. About us: Eva: I materialise my internal world full of cute animals and monsters into the form of jewellery, mainly made ..více


Under the label PorcelArt you can currently find mainly porcelain brooches Origami, which have been already released in a second edition. However, you can also look forward to the new types of products in the near future. Photo, source: PorcelArt    


It’s been a few years since I sat to work with clay for the first time and fell in love with it at first sight. Every each piece I make is like a child – I nourish it, I am angry with it and then with a heavy heart I send it out to the ..více

Jelly Fish
Tomáš Holub
My Square
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