My Square

All the buttons ain’t the same! My Square buttons can even shine! My Square brand started with a custom-made production of buttons or badges, no matter how you call it, for various clubs and galleries. Understandably, a desire to create an original collection of buttons followed. They did not hesitate – they bought their own badge ..více


Youngprimitive fashion is an extension of our blog. Due to our love of graphic design and latest fashion trends and due to all the creative ideas going through our minds, we decided that clothing might be the best medium for spreading the YP values. YP tries to walk on the edge of the mainstream fashion. ..více

Design Empathy

Design empathy creates jewellery and accessories with original themes made of crystal resin and other interesting pieces perfect for weddings as well as daily wearing.   photo, source: design empathy  


We are a group of friends, which founded a brand BeWooden by combining knowledge of design, fashion design, art and craft. Searching for the inspiration in nature, we create products characteristic by their individuality and uniqueness. Each piece of wood is original in its texture and in the same way each of our products is ..více

Mikela Da Luka

eclectic – dark – minimal photo, source:  MIKELA DA LUKA

Jelly Fish
Urban Wood
Tomáš Holub
My Square
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