ORIGINAL DIARIES each year / recycled (cover is made from used jerrycans), printed on 100% recycled paper / handmade / the cover is made in a sheltered workshop SALET  / every each piece is an original / content focuses on non-profit organizations, ecology, sociology, geography and history


CALICO was founded in January 2012. The company focuses on a historical method of pattern hand printing. They print mainly on paper materials and products but they plan to widen their range of products with hand-printed fabrics.

…little illustrations

…little illustrations is a small creative print house. Founded in 2010 by Pavlína Hňupová, an illustrator and designer, the studio is based in the Czech Republic. You can distinguish the hand made design of  our products by its distinctive style characterized by realistic figural illustrations. The products are published in collections inspired by old photographies, ..více


Formace mainly designs patterns, which are further used for creating. The focus is also placed on connecting different art disciplines such as graphics, illustration, design and photography. It always tries to create original design. The products are unified by design and photography. photo, source: Formace


STELLION means illustration for everyone. They are created by Anna Mastníková, who is interested in illustration and animation. She studied Academy of Arts, Architcture and Design in Prague. She’s working as an artist and in her free time she creates original brooches and postcards. photo, source: STELLION

Jelly Fish
Urban Wood
Tomáš Holub
My Square
Private: Akari
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