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‘Kuráž’ mission

We are creating a Shop with a soul. Kuráž lives a unique life, together with the founders, suppliers, customers they form one big family, where it is the most important thing to understand each other, help in crisis, how it is common among good friends and family.

We want to create  a community open to those who want to make their life more colorful and surround themselves with objects full of stories, produced by authors we personally know. The shop, where everything we do we do with courage to make something better, make it different and mainly to sell goods from Czech republic and Slovakia, because we grew up here  and that keeps us together. We are not only a shop, who sells things. We are people who live in it, we are a meeting place, we are Kuráž. Come and create it with us together! We will be looking for new faces and authors, as well as taking care of those we already present, so that the customer is always satisfied and returns with joy.

In the same way you go to your favourite bakery, where you go for your rolls, you go to your favourite café, where you are glad to return, good shop, where you buy good candy, we would like to do the same, so that Kuráž is a good place for anyone who wants to buy a nice gift for their beloved ones or just to treat themselves.

‘Kuráž’ dreams

We dream about third dimensions, about added values, we dream about what will happen with Kuráž in the future.

We change it both inside and outside. We ceaselessly think, if we have everything, what the customers ask for. And if not, how to help them to find  ‘what’s right’.

We dream that Kuráž will ( and we already work on it ) produce own products.

We enjoy inviting authors to create limited editions just for us.

We listen to the universe and we trust that we are doing the right thing. And if not…it doesn’t matter, maybe Kuráž will once become a café, candy shop or grocery.

Who knows… :) In any case, it will always be a good place on Earth.

‘Kuráž’ story

We were just going home from Code:Mode.

It was the end, last day and we were standing at the tram stop and thinking we would like to have a part of that place to take away.

Míša: What if we tried to found a shop?
David: Hmm..dunno. Like our shop?

Míša: Wait, I’ll just write to Kamča, if she would like to try it with us.
Kamča:  Are you crazy?
David: What did she write?
Míša:  That we are fools.
David:  Jestli do toho půjde aj Kamča, tak to beru.  Ve dvou by jsme se z toho určitě zvencli. If Kamča wants to try it, then let’s do it. Just two of us would get totally crazy.
Míša:  Writing to Kamča… So, if you want to try it, then David wants too.
Kamča:  All right then, forever!
David:  So, how shall we call it?
Míša: To vymyslíme zítra. Let’s think about that tomorrow.

The following day we went for a beer, because that’s the best way how to come up with something. We started writing names.

Third, fourth beer, nothing clever come up. We ended up with ŠULI-LULI and it was clear, we wouldn’t come up with anything. And then David said: ‘In any case, we definitely need courage – kuráž to start it.’. And suddenly it was clear.

And already on the bus we were declining it in all the possible sentences.

So that was the beginning…

The name was born, so just quickly register it, create a domain, and breaking a piggy bank, create a website and write down for about seven thousand two hundred forty two emails, sleep for about 4 hours a day and more different activities, we haven’t tried before.

Then Evča and Katka started working with us. Friends and families helped. And now a second year has passed who would have said that.

And all of that because of your support!

And what do vocabularies say about courage–Kuráž ?

Kuráž is as synonym of bravery and verve.

For verve it’s zest, for zest it’s juice and so on…

We keep writing down sentences mentioning  Kuráž. Čapek uses it a lot in his stories, he relates it to diligence, which we definitely have.

For example, having courage–Kuráž, you can manage a lot.

And everyone around was saying we were fools, because it would be hard work. And it still is, but it makes us happy.

There is nothing nicer than hearing a customer say ‘Your advice was good, the gift was appreciated.’

You can’t really buy that, you have to live it.


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