Kuráž is a brick and mortar shop selling original goods out of the hands of Czech and Slovakian designers and brands.

Opening hours:

Mo–Fri 11–19

Sa 11–16


Facebook – our diary :):

Whatever you have on your heart, do not hesitate to contact us at:

And if you need our answer quick, you can reach us at: 608 44 98 04 

If we are not picking up, it means that the shop is full of customers and we can’t answer. In such case, please text us. We will reply as soon as possible :)

How to correspond with us = Correspondence address:

Delivery address, Seat of the Shop: 

Veletržní 48
Praha 7 – Letná

Invoices to be sent to = Invoice Details:

MgA. Michala Butková
Veletržní 333/48
Praha 7 – Letná
IČ 04409850
bank account : 196028661/0300

Interior of Kuráž.

We highly recommend to visit us in person :) as we make changes very often.

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